Yesterday I went to the hospital for a body check-up in Saigon. I checked my hung, liver, stomach, blood, cholesterol, diabetes, and so on… In the end, the doctor said I am 100% healthy. : )

Once in awhile, do a complete health check-up!

The Saigon hospital is crowded and gave me a feeling of a Supermarket where people came and go anywhere, but it’s yet organized.

More body check I had to do, more waiting room I had to go through one by one. The free time in between gave plenty of short time to sketch. My friend took out some post-it from her bag and I started to draw thumbnails of peoples around me.

TIP 10 Do Post-it sketch anywhere you go!

Doodling on post-it may not give instant great results, but it’s fun to get a bit more observant of local people and their environment. So, keep the eye-opening, and enjoy the present moment. It is like urban sketching. 

And you, do you also like sketching anything, anywhere?
Let me know in the comment box.


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  • What are “tabs” that you speak about in your random shapes video, the one that goes over shape, contour lines, bumps and details????

  • Hey there!

    I am looking for a person that can make a 2D drawing from a 3D model. I saw that you have made a video about that, and thought that you was interested. I need a sketch based on a 3D earbud model. Contact me if you are interested!

    Kind Regards,
    James E. Fielder
    Product Manager