In the subway, don’t look at your phone. Sketch! |TIP75

People who are used to take the subway may spend 20, 30, 40 minutes inside per day. How many of us spend most of our time looking at the screen of the phone checking Facebook or playing Candy Crush.

Today tip is about taking benefit of this time at having fun by practicing. The subway gather at each station, hundreds of new people. Old, young, worker, student, office lady, mom, fashionista… They are all potential subjects to get inspired from !

In a subway, people remain quite static. You have enough time to observe them.  If you have no seat, try to get a stable posture bending the knees a bit. Don’t expect to make a piece of arts, you just want to practice daily.

Take a note book, a pen, and go ahead ! Draw 🙂

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