Keep in mind to draw an eye as a sphere |TIP74

Tonight, I was back at Tokyu Hands to buy the PILOT Parallel. And I end bringing back home 2 extra pens for Chinese calligraphy. (Impulsive buying) The nibs are actually small brushes. These days I challenge my pen pressure with different “tools”. It’s quite interesting as I improve my pen pressure sensitivity.

Draw anything in volume, even if you see it partially. When we draw an eye, 90% of the eye ball is hidden. We tend to ignore that an eye is a basically a sphere. But you have to keep that in mind. An eye is not flat! It’s essential to visualise the invisible to give volume and realism to your sketch.

Even if I like to explore new sketching styles, I still follow the fundamental rules of sketching.

That’s all for today ! See you guys tomorrow !

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