Let’s draw a modern teapot that actually looks like a bottle.

From the side view, the body is symmetrical. The difficulty here is to draw the curves of the side symmetrical. To do that. I recommend starting by drawing the symmetry axis first.

This exercise could be a bit clumsy at the start. If you are right-handed, the left curve may end a bit flat. Vice versa if you are left-handed. It’s simply because of our own restriction of body movement.

I love these Korean pens – Monami

Usually, I would say: turn the paper and you will draw much easier your curves. However here, if you turn your paper, your brain might be disconnected from the symmetry axis of reference.

So, keep your paper and your symmetry axis vertical, and practice drawing both sides of the tea bottle curves. I bet that it will be a bit irritating at the start, but your hand will learn new movements!

The trick is to anticipate each angle before tracing your curves. If your lines are not correct, redraw on top of it to readjust them.

Remember to use Ghost Drawing!

Note that for quick sketches, both curves don’t have to be 100% symmetrical. But you need to have fluid lines.

Follow your feel to make nice curves. Your brain needs to think: Sleek and pure.

You’ll be surprised to see how your lines will be influenced by this kind of thinking. (especially for products made of glass, metal, porcelain…)

By practicing you’ll get naturally more and more accurate. This trick works for a glass, a pen, a pipe, a flower pot, a hat…

If you master this trick, you can already draw a lot of things already! (side view only)

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