If you too dream of sketching when you travel, follow me during that amazing journey in Vietnam
where I create a travel sketchbook meeting local artists.

I was on national TV!
I was invited to a national TV SHOW called:
VIETNAM DISCOVERY where I made a Travel Sketchbook!

Travel sketchbook in Vietnam – Binh Duong Province
Let me share with you what I learned from it,
and how sketching the country can help you sketch more often and get results.
When I met the producer,
she was interested in my sketching skills as a designer and the videos I publish on the blog.
We talked about the concept and content of the TV show.
She wants to inspire travelers to discover the “hidden places” of Vietnam.
And I wanted to make this show for you who follow the Design Sketchbook blog and want to upgrade your level in sketching.
A few days later, I met the TV team for a 4-day of a video shoot at Binh Duong Province (2 hours driving from Saigon).

We were excited to create for the show: the Travel Sketchbook!

Along the journey, we’ll discover together art craft activities from the masters such as Pottery, Eggshell canvas, ancient architecture and so on that are the physical translation of the culture.
All people I met have in common the PASSION for their ancient art and the willingness to transmit it to the new generation.
I feel honored they opened the door of their house and atelier to me,
so I can share all these gems with you.
Vietnam discovery VTV4 Binh Duong province Chou-Tac the design sketchbook travel sketchbook m
Bring a sketchbook when you travel!


I hope this TV documentary will encourage you to Sketch more often on the go!

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 6.46.55 PM
Get inspired and draw what you love
Participating in this documentary has been so inspiring to me, and I wanna share with you below how it impacts me even more.
Sketching while traveling is not something you have to do alone as an observant.
Feel free to go and talk to people you draw.
Show them what you draw, and ask them questions about their life.
Remember, as a designer, you create for people. 
Go outside. And do not only design and think in your room
or office closed between 4 walls.
You may end up falling into the trap of cliché and stereotypes.
Which could be a huge mistake for your design projects.
Travel, see the world, and absorb like a sponge 
the vibes and positive energy people will genuinely give you.
Vietnam discovery VTV4 Binh Duong province Chou-Tac the design sketchbook travel sketchbook g
Meet up with locals, ask questions and learn from them

Life is about LIVING experiences. Not accumulating things.

Instead of spending 1500$ USD for the latest iPhone Xs.
You rather invest in yourself: training, traveling, and joining courses and conferences instead of accumulating (superficial) materials.
Your real value is not what you bought and physically own. But what you can create and give to people.

These materials will depreciate with time.
While your skills will keep growing. 

Remember to become a designer.
You gotta switch from consumer to creator.
Vietnam discovery VTV4 Binh Duong province Chou-Tac the design sketchbook travel sketchbook gfd
Discover new art activities from passionate artists
You may wonder: How to start?
To answer this, I wanna help you with one 
of the main obstacle beginner face while they say: 
I want to sketch. I want to communicate my ideas.
I want to transform my career from engineer to designer.
I won’t become a designer…
But I have no time. 
Unfortunately, this is how most will stagnate for years
and never make a change.
I learned that if you want to achieve something new,
you can’t expect different results keeping doing the same things.
Vietnam discovery VTV4 Binh Duong province Chou-Tac the design sketchbook travel sketchbook bf
No seat? Sit on the floor and sketch-like how art students do!


Instead of saying to yourself: I have no time.
How about Creating time?

I mean if you are passionate,
and wanna make a career and take a new direction for your life following what you love, sketching becomes as VITAL as drinking or eating. 
So instead of looking for the remaining time left you to have per day. You should ALLOCATE time for it.
If you can’t sketch every single day it is ok.
But the mindset you need to get is to PROVOKE a moment for sketching. 
A simple trick is to stop watching TV.

Change your routine. 

Switch your 2 hours daily TV session for sketching. It is as simple as that. 🙂 And if there is a show you can’t miss, how about sketching what you see in the show? Hehe.
Do not only sketch at home, school, or office.
Take your sketchbook, and your pen, and go out!
Vietnam discovery VTV4 Binh Duong province Chou-Tac the design sketchbook travel sketchbook er
The world has plenty of shape, volume to offer.

The world is rich with inspiration to grab!

All techniques I learned about Product design sketching,
I use them for architecture, people, sceneries, and so on!
As well if you love fashion illustration, and live drawing… go and explore! 
Vietnam discovery VTV4 Binh Duong province Chou-Tac the design sketchbook travel sketchbook j
Don’t look for perfection, but keep focused. So you will love the experience even more.

Don’t restrain your creativity!

The more you discover more you wanna learn! 

You’ll go from Procrastination to Taking action.
Do not give yourself excuses to procrastinate.
(That’s pretty unconscious while we fear making mistakes).
Be proactive! Find solutions.
That is what a designer love doing all day. Solving problems.
Ok, you may wonder what you should start sketching with.
The answer is simple: anything YOU like and feels comfortable with!
Start with a simple cup. Then go on the patisseries on its plate.
You may start small.
But your first victories will kickstart your sketching momentum to success! 
From “I have no time to sketch”, you will instead tell yourself:
“I want more time to sketch !”
From being fear of sketching,
you will soon get obsessed by loving improving your skills!
If you do not master any basics yet,
and feel fed up with not having any results alone or even at school.
I can help you with that with an 8-month step-by-step method I created for you.
I will soon reopen the registration for my online sketching course named:
Sketch Like The Pros. 
Feel free to reply to this email to ask me for more information about it. 🙂
And join the waiting list:


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  • Hi my friend.

    I’m HAPPY & SAD at the same time…

    Happy to seen you at the Video, drawing yours sketches of some TRADITIONAL Vietnam Cultural Productions, and local places and Natural BEAUTY…
    Really, for us, whom never saw anything of the Country, it could be better showed us more, if the program had some more time to go along all the Country, and Cultural aspects !…
    But, what was seen, it was very interesting, and PERSONAL… like 30 pots a day, or 3 coffees a day… and SPECIALLY, they LOVE what they do…
    It’s a reality that, if you put a person to do what he likes, the result of his work HAS to be LOVELY, just BECAUSE of that: LOVE CAN ARISE FROM WITHIN…
    … you just read it on theirs faces…
    It was a happy approach of the TV program, and I liked that.
    I’m sad, too.
    Because they didn’t gave you a chance to promote properly your website…
    I hope you’ve told them PERSONALLY about the relationship of SEEING and UNDERSTANDING the World…
    The Mental Process and the Magic of the DRAWING to capture the Beauty of the World…
    … for Common people AND Creators as well, like Artists, Architects, Design of ALL things that makes part of ours everyday life…
    … since historical Times, generation by generation, teaching each other THE Beauties of the WORLD, which ones we MUST learn to SEE, to be able to LOVE…

    P.S.: … What about the ” PHÒ ” ?

    -” God lives in details
    Men needs to do it… ”



    I MUST ask yours excuses for MY mistake: I’ve wrote something IMPORTANT wrongly.

    The correct is:

    -” … for Common people AND Creators as well, like Artists, Architects, Designers of ALL things that makes part of ours everyday life… ”

    It changes the ALL senses…

    And, another one, but this time, an INTENTIONAL bivalent lecture:

    ” God lives in details
    Men needs to do it… ”

    1. Men needs to
    live in details.

    2. Men needs to
    do the details…

    & doing so

    giving God’s


    . If there’s NO seat,
    . floor is everywhere…
    . CHEERS…