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Arpithooda asked me on Instagram : What is my favourite black ball point pen ?
I though you guys may ask yourself the same question about it. So let me share with you our discussion. Beside that, I would be curious to know which one is yours ? Tell us in the comments. 🙂

Best ball point pen - papermate flair feltCapture d’écran 2015-09-08 à 3.43.14 pm

Capture d’écran 2015-08-13 à 11.46.05 amMy answer to Arpithooda:
Hard to say, sometime free ball point pen (from hotel, advertsing…) give sometime better results than branded one. But as soon as the pen has no more ink, it’s often impossible to get any more.

I like the Papermate ball point pen though. I used to buy them in bulk when I was student so I could keep one in my bag, one in my pocket, on in my jacket, one in an other bag… everywhere ! Today I would recommend retractable tip. They are easier to carry, and you won’t lose the cap when you draw outside.

It’s actually better to find one you like and stick to it.
It’s better to master one well, than keeping changing looking for the best. So I guess the perfect ball point pen is the one you practice with the most. Basically, a good ball point pen has a good variation of pen pressure, and doesn’t make too much stains.

James Mylne Ball point pen artworks

Feel free to check James Mylne amazing realistic artworks he does with a ball point pen.

A ball point pen start to make stains when the ink get warm at the tip. After drawing for a while, the temperature of the tip rise because of the friction on paper. So the ink start to melt and make stains (Especially when it is accidentally in contact with your palm !!). If you plan to draw for long, consider to bring 2 pens instead of one. So you could interchange when needed and keep drawing with a “cold” pen.

Paper mate inkjoy 500 rt
Paper Mate Ink Joy 500 RT 0.5 XF – Retractable tip.

And you, what’s your favourite pen ? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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  • ashutosh

    Reply Reply September 15, 2015

    I use bic crystal 1.6mm (thick), bic rounc stick (for medium) schneider-505F (for fine)

    • Chou-Tac

      Reply Reply September 18, 2015

      1.6mm wow. I never seen that before. Interesting. Thanks !

  • Chetan Yadav

    Reply Reply September 8, 2015

    I use Reynolds-045 (for thicker) and Schneider-505F (for fine work)

    • Chou-Tac

      Reply Reply September 18, 2015

      Always great to mix both thickness. Thanks 🙂

  • Renata

    Reply Reply September 8, 2015

    Hi Chou-Tac
    What do you mean with retractable tip?
    What are stains? Des taches?
    Thanks for your explanation about the ink, I had often this problem, I thought that it was because too old pen…
    Now I draw with a pilot 0.5 and I like a lot! ;-))

    • Chou-Tac

      Reply Reply September 18, 2015

      Oh, je pensais t avoir deja repondu deja. Ou c’etait par email.
      Retractable cest les stylos sans bouchon, avec des mines qui se cachent dans le corps du stylo. Ca evite de faire des taches au fond de la poche (Stains).
      Sinon oui des stylos plus vieux bavent plus que les jeunot. Mais les jeunot finissent par baver si ils sont utiliser trop longtemps. C’est comme une voiture, c’est bien de le laisser refroidir un peu.

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