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Hey, today I was chillin’ in town.
My Black Papermate FLAIR M died yesterday, so I came to the pen shop to get a new one. It’s always a great feel to draw with a brand new pen when the ink is flowing so well.

  • It’s fluid
  • Smooth
  • And I can play easily with the line weight.

I also like to draw with the Stabilo Twin Marker. It has a nice flow too, but tend to dry very fast if you forget to put back the cap. You may consider a marker for DVD as well from Pentel.

In my opinion, if you would have to choose one, it should be the Papermate FLAIR M (See picture below). It’s my favourite Felt pen.

Papermate Flair M testDoodling with the Papermate FLAIR M at the pen shop.

Papermate lair M 4 colours
I came for the black, and I end buying the extra 4 colours. I couldn’t resist to these fruity tones !

V-Sign Pen red


Discovery of the day: The V Sign Pen

This pen is worth trying. It’s fluid and the ink dry quite fast for such pen. It means you have lesser chance to stain your sketch with your palm.

But the red is a bit orangy. Kind of charming though.

That’s all for today !



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