Sketch at night to find inspiration / TIP 253 (Concepts app on iPAD Pro)

Last night,
I was sketching a bit of concept arts at midnight (See sketch below).

I am new at the app CONCEPTS.
It can be a bit frustrating to learn the new functions and trying to adapt or change our sketching habits.

But sketching at night makes that moment peaceful.
It reminded me my design student time when I had “no choice” to do so.

I thought I could share with you the benefits of the Midnight sketching! :).

sketching at night with concepts app on ipad pro chung chou-tac thedesignsketchbook.jpg

Enjoying drawing at midnight when the time stops

Find peace in sketching

When I was a student in my design school,
We where craaaazy busy.

So much more than as a professional after graduation.
We had to go to school, and still make our homework projects at home.

The projects we had in design school can’t be accomplished in 15minutes. But hours of creative research, sketch, composition of the boards, printing… and oral presentation. 

I could sometime work all nighter and go to school without sleeping…

All these multiply by 4 or 5 classes.
These 5 years was stressful. Drawing at night became compulsory.

Ok that was extreme.

But that is how I started to appreciate these night moments of sketching.
I realized even though it was a busy time,
I appreciated how the outside world was no more in motion.

The time was own by you, like if it paused forever.

I guess I could handle these amount of stress, finding peace in sketching.

gaz mask chung chou tac concepts on ipad pro the design sketchbook.png

Drawing a gaz mask concept at midnight – Concepts app on iPad Pro

TIP: Draw more when everyone sleeps.

It is not only because nobody can interrupt you.
But also because of that feeling of peace.

You are free to create.

Free to empty your mind from your daily occupation,
and fill it with your new ideas!

You feel light and fresh.
Sketching is a form of meditation you can enjoy fully without distraction.


gaz mask chung chou tac concepts on ipad pro the design sketchbook b.png

Chou-Tac Chung – midnight sketch on Concepts app / iPAD Pro

Find a “refuge” at night time

Seppo, (one of my VIP student of Sketch like the Pros course) told me he purposely started to cut down distractions. 

Since, he find/create/make the time for himself, sketch and progress!
He could sketch longer and get more focus to learn and produce more.

Some of you after graduation has a family.
And I wish you having plenty of kids!

However, the time you have for yourself can become rare since distraction may happened anytime all day. 

Ask yourself if you may find or create “a refuge” at night time.

Miracle morning?

Some people get inspired by the book “Miracle Morning, Changing the world one morning at a time” by Hal Elrod.

When you wake up at 4 or 5 am to start your day before anyone else – when the sun haven’t woke up neither.

By 8 am you would have accomplished what other people would at 12 pm.
Some would do meditation, running, reading… for us we could sketch and create. 

This time is yours.

And you are free to use it at what makes you feel good.  🙂
I am not a morning person. But I am a fan of combining pleasure and work together.

No matter you choose the night or early morning, remember that:

“If you want new reults, you can’t keep doing the same things as before. You need to change something in your routine.”

Have a wonderful night!


PS: My Goldorak (also called Grendizer)

goldorak grendizer in my sketching room assembled.png

My name is “Goldorak”! I accompany Chou-Tac when he’s skeching.


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    Reply Reply October 3, 2019

    Hi chou sir,
    I sleep around 9 pm and wake around 4. That way I can concentrate more on warming up, sketching, etc. ITs a magical time. In India we call 4-5am Brahma Muhurta. creator god “brahma”s time. Its the best time to create anything.

    • Chou-Tac

      Reply Reply October 3, 2019

      Hello Krish,

      Brahma time.

      Thank you for the story, I am happy learning something about how in India morning is such a creative time. :).

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