Do you have this character trait to succeed (Design career)?

No matter how good you are in drawing by today, a more important character trait you need for your design career is Courage.

When you’ll become a professional designer,
you will fight daily for your ideas (with your team).

A designer faces the superhero journey daily
as a leader, creative and problem solver.

Today, if you want to become a Designer, be ready to face obstacles.
It is your greatest time to show what you got and start to fight for your dream and career.

kids hero - nurture courage
Nurturing courage

Should we pursue our passion despite our parent’s disapproval?

The French singer Orelsan answered:

Keep learning, studying at school.
Practice your passion at the same time.

Kids will grow up.

Regardless you’ll have a creative career or not – it is better to become an adult with a passion than without any.

Orelsan, Singer

It reminds me of how important we should value happiness, and how much it can be fragile.

And you, what do you think?

Your courage expresses it self in different forms.
Today we cover:

  1. Create your happiness
  2. Always look at the positive side
  3. Courage is your key
  4. Pursue happiness
  5. Start fighting now

1. Create your happiness

see the bright side in the sky
See the positive side. This is where light is.

Being a Designer requests your creativity, your emotions, and your art sense. You can only succeed to perform and have a great career if you are happy with your work.

We saw yesterday why you should pursue your dream to become a designer.

I gave you down to earth reasons (Money and career) to convince your parents and yourself to follow your dreams to become a Designer.

So we can fight the clichés of the poor and miserable artist.

Your parents could learn how being a designer is not a drawing hobby, but an ambitious career they can be proud of.

Not for the status or the money you will make.

But for the smile they will receive from you every time they meet you:
The Beaming Creative Designer version of you.

2. Always look at the positive side.
(This is where the light is)

I'm a bad ass ring and fist
I’m bad ass

3 years ago, I met a single mom at a bus station in Mauritius island who supported her son to become a designer.

She was poor but had ambitious plans for her son.

It was admirable.

But having supportive parents is not for everyone.

One of my students of [Sketch Like The Pros] course from India told me his dad forbids him to draw.

Every time his dad would find him drawing in his room, he would (big time) scold him, throw his sketches into the garbage and rush him to study science and literature.

Meanwhile, his mom was supportive and helped him to build his confidence.

He found a side job, move out, sends money to his parents, and despite having less time, he was finally able to learn and practice drawing quietly without fear.

I felt he was super Badass!
Especially when you know how kind and the calm person he is.
(He introduced his mom to me by Skype. I was so happy.)

3. Courage is your Key

key on sketchbook
Face problems with your courage to gain your freedom

No matter where you come from.

You may face more difficulties than others to achieve your dreams.

You may think it is unfair.

That is when you have to choose if you give up, or keep up.

We all have different families, stories, ambitions…

Life can be tough.

It is your role to brighten it and find your freedom to be happy.

Define what makes you happy. Pursue it.

And remember, to get out of dark situations, courage is your key.

4. Pursue happiness

Progress step-by-step. Become stronger. Overcome obstacles and challenges.

Happiness comes from the journey.

Don’t expect it to come by magic.
Don’t take anything as granted.

Like how Chris Gardner said: “If you want something, go get it. Period.”

5. Start fighting now

Dare to fight for your quest

People who succeed the most are not the strongest.
But the one who knows how to learn and evolve.


PS: Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying people without problems don’t have courage. My point is tough situations are the best opportunities to show the best of us.

PPS: Life may be unfair. But you are gonna fall, get up, learn, level up.
But for those who face difficulties, mother nature created Resilience. : )

A kind message I received from Sofia:
“Thank you so much for going to all the trouble of helping me, your YouTube videos are a big inspiration to me, I look forward to trying out the design kit”

Testimonial Sofia on The Design Sketchbook video tutorial on Youtube

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