arachnid-creature-theDesignSketchboo[6]Chou-Tac ChungArachnid Creature, 2014

TIP 20 Draw a giant creature in a second

david-and-goliath-osmar-schindlerInsert a small human silhouette as a scaling measure. Few pen strokes will do.
The creature will appear giant like David and Goliath.

Osmar Schindler – David and Goliath


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    • Hello Chris,
      It’s just a simple tips commonly used that display a standard human as a scaling reference.
      Imagine you draw the human so much bigger than the creature. That creature may look like small like a ant ! So tiny that it won’t be that impressive anymore. 🙂
      Transport designer, or concept art artist often draw a people beside (or inside) the vehicle to show the scaling for example.