When I saw the Samsung Note Pro 12.2, I couldn’t resist drawing something on it.
The tablet carry a customized version of Sketchbook pro.*

* That you can’t find on a Windows Surface 3 expo product.

TIP 21 To get a tablet, Do not believe the specs

GraphireMy first tablet was a Graphire Wacom tablet. The pen was 512 sensitivity pressure. It was already working very well.

Nowadays, the latest digital pen and tablets showcase 2048. It seams that the higher, the better. To me, the high number of sensitivity pressure is  an unnecessary “luxury feature” that only a few may appreciate.

Don’t let the sale staff to tell you what is good for you. They are from an IT Store, not art shop. They might just read the specs. So, you better try it yourself !

creative-stylus-2Wacom has just came out with a new pen for iPad, the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 with 2048 sensitivity pressure with a “thin tip”. I wonder what took Wacom so long to launch it. I can’t wait to see that one in the shop as an expo product, and try it myself.

To me, Samsung just came in the arena of awesome drawing tablets.
Hope Wacom is preparing in their R&D centre, something greater soon.

Chou-Tac ChungSneaker on Samsung Note Pro 12.2, 2014 

The shop was going to close, I sketched and enjoyed the tablet and Sketchbook Pro till they asked me to leave.

What’s your favourite tablet?
Share your opinion in the box below !

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