Train yourself drawing things you have fun with like the Minions! | TIP45

TIP #45

Have FUN when you draw !!



All started with some random circles. I was wondering what to draw, and suddenly, some Minions head pop up from these circles in my mind ! That was irresistible.  So I sketched them !! I actually get inspired from an exercise you can find in the Designer Starter Kit – about How to draw perfect circles. Feel free to get it and train your sketching skills. It’s free for people who sign up to the blog.

Minions-despicableme-sketch-theDesignsketchbookbI really had fun sketching them. I trained my circles and cylinders definitely in a good mood.

Our friend Bee-DO Bee-DO !! The sound of it is still reasoning in my mind.


You too love the minions ? Send me a feedback about it !

See yah !

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  • Dammy

    Reply Reply March 9, 2019

    Wow Chou this is awesome, I just started and i feel your videos has helped in increasing my skills.

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