Sketching Tips with Harley Quinn! (Photoshop)

Subject: Harley Quinn
Software: Photoshop CC

Brush size: 4
Canvas : A4 with 300dpi resolution

Hello Beautiful day !

I’m posting here a video sketch of Harley Quinn, Joker’s girlfriend :).
I used my Wacom graphic tablet to draw with Photoshop.

If you follow me for a while,
you know how I invite you to explore diverse sketching style
to build up your own style as a Designer.

If like me you like the Marvel and DC Universe, you might like today video :).

You can see in the blog plenty of articles about Urban sketching, Concept arts, Fashion sketching… all these sources of inspiration influence my product design sketches.

Why ?

Because I am not only sketching as a tool as a Product designer.
But because I simply love sketching everything!

If you wanna learn extra topics of sketching,
I add some extra link below for you guys :



urban sketching in paris starbucks.png

uran sketching in paris starbucks a .png

In Paris having a sketching break at Starbucks.

When to draw with 1 or 2-point perspective? |TIP65

Sketching at Taiwan using multiple photography of Taipei’s streets

4 Simple steps From sketching to Photoshop rendering

How to develop your own drawing style? |TIP133


How to develop your own drawing style? |TIP133

In the subway, don’t look at your phone. Sketch! |TIP75


Inspired by the concept artist Darren Quach

In the subway, don’t look at your phone. Sketch! |TIP75


Sketch everywhere ! Even in the suway.

How I draw better product design – sketching dancers |TIP80

Dancing people teach us great “energy lines”

Sketch with reference pictures is not cheating (concept art) |TIP84


Getting inspiration from original pictures

Get inspired from human or animals to draw concept art |TIP87


The anatomy of human or animals are a great source of inspiration

Study mechanical pieces for credible Concept art engines |TIP88

Study mechanical pieces for credible Concept art engines TIP88

Open a sewing machine and draw inside !

Why you shouldn’t draw the shield first? |TIP128


Captain America !!

Drawing with ARTBOOKS CHALLENGE #1 / Inkwork by Darren Quach


Challenge yourself to push your limits.


Sketching on National TV in Vietnam! (Urban sketching)

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 17.40.16


About The Author


Hello! I am a Product Designer from France. If the sketching methods I’ve acquired aid me in my life and in my industrial design career, I believe that they can also help you reach your design goal as a student or professional. My aim is to help you all along with your design projects and journey! Leave a comment in the blog or send me an email at : ) Chou-Tac

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