When I sit on my desk and I start sketching, my fingers are quite stiff. The first sketches are often clumsy and it can be frustrating. However, after a bit of warm up, the lines get better, I feel more confident and I start focusing better.

First sketches of the night:

I started my sketches with some kind of stiff lines trying to get a “too perfect” result. But it was just too early stage. Instead of trying to get a nice sketch, I should start first looking for new ideas. As well as in product design or in concept art, the phase of research is great while sketching with a loose hand.

After few minutes of warm up:

Why sketching with a loose hand?

  1. To warm up the hand
  2. To draw much faster
  3. To  drop on paper more ideas
  4. To provoke ”Happy accident” let you pen slide on paper without thinking too much. You will explore unexpected shapes. When you discover a good one, you have a Happy accident.

Drawing with a loose hand is quite closed to Doodling.
The outcome is more free, fluid, and it’s actually easier to draw new ideas.

The final result is a mix of stiff and loose hand. Tomorrow will be a better day. Time for me to sleep – Good night ! 🙂

See you guys for the next Tip of the day !


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