“How many hours to practice sketching
per week to become a Designer?”

Our logic brain crave to ask that question.
And that is normal.

However, to succeed in sketching and become a Designer.
You shouldn’t think by hours…


Because that doesn’t put you in the right mindset for fast progress.

To practice sketching, you have to follow your heart first.
And enjoy practicing without looking at your watch.

You are no more at school with 2 hours of english class per week.
People who become fluent fast are the one who voluntary go immerse themselves in the country.

For sketching, it is the same. : )

Let me give you some TIPS to help you accelerate
your progress and live fully your learning journey happily!



Limitless Creativity Bradley Cooper.png

I don’t give a specific number of hours of practice to my students.
If I do, they may just follow it as a guideline.

However, if you want to sketch for hours or even all nighter, then go ahead!
When you learn something by passion, you are limitless.



Butterflies in the stomach

Some may say sketching all nighter is crazy and not reasonnable.
And Yes, they are right!

Your Love for sketching is not about reason.
When you love someone or something, we tend to think about it all the time.
And start feeling “butterflies in your stomach”.

You love thinking long term relationship.
That is great! Because when you become a designer, you keep learning all life long.


kid dreaming moon .png

I know some of you have busy schedules.
And may be worried not having enough time to practice enough.

But remember that we are all human, and we all have 24 hours.
If others can do it. You can do it too. 

You switch from “Making excuses” to “How to make it happened”
Can you see the shift of mindset?

To illustrate that,
I like that quote from Richard Koch:

“It is not shortage of time that should worry us,
but the tendency for the majority of time to be spent in low-quality ways.”
– Richard Koch

If sketching is that important to you.
Make it your priority.

You are learning a skill of PASSION.
Remember that life is worth living for Passion!

Imagine yourself that one day, you will soon drawing daily for a living!
It sounds like realising a kid’s dream. And I love that.



Be exceptional pen colour drawing sketching designer

Of course, nobody say it is gonna be easy to realise your kid dream.

To achieve new results, you will need to do things you have never done before.
To become a designer, I invite you to start being obsessed.

Eat design, drink design, play design…

If you want an exceptional result and achieve your dream,
you can’t do what average people do.

You gotta “live special”.
Think of an athlete who has an ambitious goal.

This quote from Robert Koch may help you willing to raise above average people.

“Few people take objectives really seriously.
They put average effort into too many things,
rather than superior thought and effort into a few important things.
People who achieve the most are selective as well as determined.” – Robert Koch


tv distraction to cut down for better focus and productivity in design sketching.png

To raise your focus,
I recommend you to cut down distraction, especially the television.

The avearge american watch 6 hours per day.
Imagine how many hours you got now available per week, or even per year!

I also invite you to cut down on video-games, Social media…
When you sketch, make sure to put your phone charging in an other room.
So your brain will forget about it, and won’t be tempted to check the messages. ; )


Stop counting the hours.
Be obsessed! : D

Hope it helps!
And see you for the next Design TIP !


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