How are you today?

Become the best sketcher you can be with the “90 DESIGN TIP-A-DAY Challenge”!
Take advantage of this exclusive drawing challenge, full of motivation and inspiration to help kickstart your creative journey.

I feel pumped by this new project I prepare for you at the Design Sketchbook blog!
It is called the “90 DESIGN TIP-A-DAY Challenge!”

To learn how to sketch, 
the secret is 
not only about techniques. 
But also about daily Motivation, Inspiration and Dedication.

All together will build your great skills 
and boost you to sketch every day!

Why? Because Regularity matters.

Quick note by doodling product design
Quick note by doodling product design

I remember when I started, 
I felt pretty lonely.

I truly lacked exposure to art and design. 
The motivation was so-so, and it slowed me down for years.

No matter what I was drawing, 
I was drawing clumsy. : (

“I didn’t get many results,
I gave up as many times as I tried.”

All my friends went to business, engineering, hotel industry… 
But none about art and design…

I didn’t know where to learn and progress from. 
It was tough to keep up my motivation high daily.

This is why today, 
I have special news for you and I 
to spice up your art and design journey

I will start the “90 DESIGN TIP-A-DAY Challenge” on Monday 2nd September!

You will also be able to:

  • Ask me your questions
  • Share your worries or the happy moment during your design journey
  • Share your discoveries or observations about design
  • Reply to any of my emails or write to choutac@thedesignsketchbook.com

I propose you create a conversation between us 
where all of us from the Design Sketchbook blog can learn from each other. 

Some of your questions will be selected to 
​be published and also answered on the blog. 

As if you face a problem, somebody else may face it too. Right?
We all learn much faster in a group!

See you at the “90 DESIGN TIP-A-DAY Challenge!”

Take care.

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