It’s time to stop waiting for fortune favors, take control of your success!
Discover how by focusing on following things you love and giving it all with strong energy, chance will find its way into your story.

create your own luck
You can make your own luck!
  • Are successful people lucky?
  • Which side are you?
  • Make your own luck!
  • Plant a seed now to nurture your luck
  • Take your creative passion seriously
  • Take action toward your design dream
  • Make luck your best ally

“Are successful people lucky?”

Sometimes, people say: 
– “Oh! You are so lucky! You can draw as a living!”.

Before that, when I was a design student people told me: 
– “You are so lucky! You are having fun studying in a design school!”“. 

Before my design school: 
– “Wow, you are so lucky! You know how to draw!”
*I was only copying others actually. I didn’t create anything.

But reproducing a drawing gives the illusion of great drawing skills for non-initiate people. Still, I enjoyed drawing!

At each phase of my life, people thought that what happened to me was due to luck.
They didn’t see the work before nor recognize the progression.

If I were in that position, I made it happen.

It is not about being arrogant.
It’s about cultivating self-awareness and self-esteem.

It helps us to make better choices in life.

luck in work - success people .jpg
Are successful people lucky?

If it is possible for me today to draw as a living. It is for you too.
Luck is just a parameter in the equation of success.

What matter most is the decisions and actions you take to make your dreams come true. 🙂

Which side are you on?

By giving so much credit to luck for our success and putting aside work,
it reflects a distorted vision of reality.

Imagine there were 2 distinct sides in life
which people would belong to “Team Luck” and “Team Bad luck”.

Like if there is someone who attributes a quota of luck to every human that born.

  • The “team luck” can live their passion as a living. The chance fell on them from the sky.
  • The “team bad luck” has a boring job as a living forever. They can’t do anything about it. It’s fate.

I am purposely exaggerating.
But I wanna show you that there is no fatality.
No predefined team.

Make your own luck!

control of your success
Make your own luck

Do you wonder how to be lucky?

Luck is something we can attract on our side
if we are ready to get out of our comfort zone.

Like many other designers, we were not born with a ballpoint pen.
If we want to bring the luck to become a great designers.

We got to work to gain the skills. 

Plant a seed now to nurture your luck.

No matter your age.
You can plant your creative seed now. plant a seed to grow your dream.png

It all started as a kid.
I planted a seed. And I nurtured it with care. 

I started copying Super Mario, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z and so many others who inspired my childhood. 

Of course, I didn’t know yet I would draw as a living.
I didn’t know yet what a designer was about.

But I spent the time doing what I loved genuinely.
And one thing leads to another.

I could have done thousands of other things.
But I decided to stay home, and draw. 

Luck is about a series of small and big decisions you will take in your life.
The good thing is it is never too early or late to start being “lucky at drawing”. 

Take your creative passion seriously.

create your luck.jpg
Keep working, luck might follow.

If you wanna be lucky, you have to take your passion seriously.
“Seriously” sounds like a boring word.

Let’s focus on “Passionately”

Give all the time and dedication to grow your own creative seed.

It won’t be easy.
Sometimes your parents or friends may tell you that drawing is a hobby.

“You won’t make a career with it.” They will say.

Remember, they care about you. Don’t be mad at them.
It actually reflects their own fear of failing.
And worried you can’t make it either.

They will tell you you should spend time studying Math and Literature…
be good at school, become a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer… 

It is underlined that if you want to succeed and deserve to be happy, you need to suffer…

I am ok to suffer.

But I don’t trust myself to become a great lawyer or a doctor. 
I prefer to give all my best chances and hard work to become a great designer. 

If you follow things you love, you will be ready to overcome all obstacles.
You may fail sometime, but you will keep and follow your goal with high energy.

Chance doesn’t help many people who give up.
But love passionate and determined people.

So, believe in yourself and give your best.
Luck and skills will follow.

Take action towards your designer dream.

making your first step a
Be proactive – decide which path you want to take.

Your duty is to protect your dream.
People who have the most luck are the ones who:

  • plan,
  • who are determined,
  • and give hard work.

They put themselves in a situation to welcome opportunities. 

  1. You start drawing as a hobby.
  2. You nurture your skills.
  3. Your train.
  4. You enroll in a design school
  5. You make a portfolio
  6. Suddenly a company you dream of calling you. 

Once again, it all started with making a first step toward the direction that makes you thrill!

Be proactive.

Make luck your best ally.

wish you plenty of luck in your career.jpg

If you put in the work.
Nobody will decide for you of your fate.

YOU decide to put luck on your side.

“Luck is a skill”. 
Keep believing in your dreams.

Be proactive and patient.
Cut down the noise and keep doing your best. 

You have to create your own luck to “get your ticket” to become an Industrial Designer

Don’t wait for luck. Provoke it!

Be optimistic.
Put on the work.
And believe in you. 

You can’t control the world that surrounds you.
But you can control your work. 

And the world will start noticing you. : )

For example,

At my design school, we didn’t have any footwear projects. But I was in love with sneakers. So I trained myself on my spare time to figure out and learn how to draw shoes for my portfolio.

One day, new opportunities come.

While I was looking for an internship, a company redirected me to Airness. A sport company that started their own line of shoes.

I met there Arsen Rock. One of my main inspiration to join the sneaker industry. You know, it is like meeting your idol. It was even better, I would work and learn from him.

We could call that luck. But it would have never happened if I didn’t prepared myself for it. I kept buidling my skills. Later on, after graduation, I flew for Germany and joined Adidas.

Work and determination can create “ripples of luck”.

Dream big!

Plant your seed.
I wish you plenty of luck to grow from it!


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