1 Tip (nobody do) to stand out for your Design job application


Christmas is coming next week already.

I hope you are having a great time in family with
the happy mood floating all around us like falling snow. : )
I wish you to accomplish all your projects that you heart so much.

Today, I wanna share with you 1 big TIP to stand out for your future design job application. Getting your dream job is one of the best presents I wish you for this upcoming new year.

Apply for a job in 2020.

I remember when I was in my design school,
I was wondering how to best apply for companies for internship or a job.

These last few days,
one of my students asked me for advice on his application
for a design company and the designer position starts in January 2020.

Let me share with you one of the most important one.

computer sit boy.png

Searching for an art & design job

Apply for your top 1 or 3 companies you love.

When you start applying for a job, quality matters more than quantity.
I recommend to focus on your top 1 or top 3 companies you dream designing for. 

Put all your effort in these with care and quality.
Avoid sending cold and non-personalized applications.
Recruiters can feel it.

You choose to join a design school by passion.
Make sure you do as well for career, especially for your first job.

Do not jump on any opportunity blindly.

Join a company you will love working with.
And who will love working with you.

Even if your dream company does not display any open position yet, still apply.
If their values resonate with you, you have to transmit that feeling to them.

It can be competitive.
And a great way to apply is to prepare something nobody else does.


Apply with a custom made project. 

Send a short and fictional project you make for the brand – even if they never requested it for it.

If for example, it is a hoover company, design a new concept of hoover!
They will feel how much you love your project thourgh your boards.

IMPORTANT: Do not only send them the final result.
Add in your research you made with sketches.
Recruiters love to see hand sketches. You can scan them and show them in a nice composition. Or scan them all page by page to compile them in a separate pdf file.

Making a custom-project is time consuming. That’s true.
The result is no guarantee. But this investment is worth the effort.

What is few days work compared to a ticket to years of career in your dream company if you “win”!

(Pragmatic note: even if you are not chosen, you are still free to add this project in your portfolio.)

Do something different.

So as a student designer or junior designer, you don’t compete with senior candidates for their years of experience. But for your fresh eye and high motivation to succeed with them!


PS: Christmas coming soon, I am thinking to reopen briefly the registration to the course SNEAKER SKETCH PROS on Monday 23rd December 2019.

Stay tuned! 🙂


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