My student Oliver Esther recommended a new sketching software called:  SKETCHA.
(It is available in Apple Store.)

When minimalism meets vibe – Sketcha is an incredibly user-friendly minimalist app that provides designers with the highest level of creativity when conceptualizing ideas.

I couldn’t wait to try and show it to you! Try it now!

  • The software helps you draw dynamic lines!
  • It is so simple and intuitive to use.
  • I am glad to discover that it has been created by designers for designers!

Sketcha is an intuitive, beginner-friendly drawing app that lets you save time!
Its simplified user interface makes it easy for anyone to pick up, making remote design projects simple and hassle-free.

With Sketcha, you won’t find overwhelming options as found in other apps like Procreate—its straightforwardness allows for great focus from the get-go, so you can be quickly up and running.

Check out above this sketching video to see a sneaker design I made with my iPad Pro 12.9 tablet and Pencil -all in a matter of minutes!

Drawing Sneaker with Sketcha on iPad in 5 steps

Below are the main steps to create your own design sketch on a digital tablet.
It is applicable to any drawing software such as Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop

Drawing sneakers on sketcha - chung chou-tac
<strong>step draw the lines<strong>
Drawing sneakers on sketcha - chung chou-tac
<strong>step add a quick ackground on a below layer<strong>
Drawing sneakers on sketcha - chung chou-tac
<strong>step add a <strong><a href=httpswww Thedesignsketchbook Comtip use a pop of colour to direct your audience eyes>pop of colour<a>
Drawing sneakers on sketcha - chung chou-tac
<strong>step add brighter colour<strong>
Drawing sneakers on sketcha - chung chou-tac
<strong>step display all layers together<strong>

I invite you to download it, try it and feel free to send me your own sketches by email at 🙂

I am super curious!



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