how to draw new forms - sony earphone design

How to Draw New Forms (Fast and Easy)

How to Draw New Forms (Fast and Easy)| Sketching SONY Earphones 11.59 minutes I have a new sketching video tutorial ...
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how to draw mechs

How to draw Mechs? Draw the skeleton first!

How to draw mechs "How to draw mechs?" Asked Josh (one of my students of "Sketch Like The Pros") His ...
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engineer or designer job

Mechanical Engineer or Product Designer?

Choose your pill to define your career. The right pathMoney or passion?Pursuit of happinessThe Pragmatic "Look in the mirror" testAsk ...
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Learn faster with iteration

How to draw faster with iteration

How to Draw Faster with iteration How long to get a good flow of sketching?Master rule: IterateGet out of your ...
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snapchat filter portrait drawing

Use the Snapchat Puppy filter on your portrait!

AI (Artificial intelligence) recognizes the drawing portrait as a real human face! Wanna play something cool? I have a fun ...
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how artists designers beat the blank page

A trick for artists and designers to beat the blank page

How to beat the Blank page syndrome?Copy to learn Product Design SketchingA trick to kickstart your drawingMix your inspirations It's ...
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from bored to creative drawings

Discover your Creative Potential when isolated

From passive boredom to creative drawings When I ask my friends how things going withthe confinement due to Covid-19, they ...
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draw electric shaver - pilot twin marker

How to Draw an Electric Shaver Philips! (Pilot Twin Marker)

How to Draw an Electric Shaver Philips! (Pilot Twin Marker) in 17minutes! Hello guys! I am working on the release ...
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how i graduated design school drawing at night

Sketch at Night to Find Inspiration | (Concepts app)

Last night,I was sketching a few concept arts at midnight, looking for creative ideas. I am new to the app ...
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Is it hard to create for a designer?

Is it hard to create for a designer?

Yesterday 12.00pm, I went at the French restaurant L'Usine. It was my second meeting with my "Tinder date" Ngoc. *Pronounced ...
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