Insta Stories puppy filter on my drawing portrait

FUN: Publish your drawing portrait on InstaStories (Puppy filter)

Wanna play something cool?

I have a fun and easy game with Instagram
for you to play with your phone camera!

This morning, I experimented with
the Insta stories filter on my portrait drawing, and it worked!


Follow these 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1| Draw someone’s portrait
  • STEP 2| Open your Insta stories and select your favorite filter.
  • STEP 3| If the filter activates, you win!
    It means you did a great job for your portrait drawing! : P
Instagram AI (Artificial intelligence) recognize the drawing portrait as a real human face!

Congratulation for your sketch! : D

Drawing a portrait with a pencil HB

BTW, you can click here to find my design sketching instagram account.
And feel free to tag me #thedesignsketchbook on your publication!
So I can see your cool drawings and creations. : )

Added some extra cuty rabbit ears!

I would be pretty curious to “crack the code” about:
When a drawing is considered good enough for Instagram to see it at the human face?

Insta Stories filter on TV

PS: I remember when I activated the Insta stories filter watching the Bachelor on TV.

The Bachelor on TV when I use Instagram photo filters
The Bachelor on TV when I use Instagram photo filters
The Bachelor on TV when I use Instagram photo filters
A very special date for the Bachelor.

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