Instagram is an amazing tool to publish
your work online and get feedback,
but especially likes and followers.

You gain exposure, you gain popularity.

It’s to me great,
but there is another side of the coin
if you let yourself get hypnotized
by these “virtual numbers of glory”.
It may affect your long term results
and confidence facing procrastination.

Someone has just shared with me about Derek Sivers saying how good having “useless leisure” can be beneficial. It’s to me like a revelation reminding me of the importance of slowing down.

Practicing a leisure in a useless way means do not expect any result except enjoying the present moment.

I realize that posting pictures on Instagram can be both a motivation factor, but also a procrastination factor as well. When you discover Instagram, you start posting  1 or 2 of your stuff for the sake of sharing only.

Then, come the moment where you get your first dozen viewers, likes, followers, and start being hypnotized by these virtual numbers of popularity. You end sketching only toward getting these numbers rising.

When they are lower than usual, you start doubting yourself. : /

Don’t let Instagram dictate your genuine creativity

Remember that ON TOP of anything, you should sketch for your own pleasure:

  • For the innocent and magical moment when you sketch facing yourself only. Like my friend Roy Pallas says: “when you sketch till your mind goes into that bubble” where nothing else counts.
  • Not for that moment of virtual glory toward getting the max of likes or viewers. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s a competition. And that’s just a different game. Ok? 🙂

“Useless sketching” is how you can reconnect with yourself, your feelings without caring about others and results.

No expectation. No pressure.

There is nothing else to gain than your own love for sketching.

I personally enjoy concept art, so I draw whatever I like exploring new stuff. A new way of sketching. New forms. And I draw for fun. Then only I think about Instagram. That’s the only way I could get the patience of exploring these tiny details and truly taking care of my drawing.


When you keep looking only for performance, it may just stop you from learning what you love.

If you love manga, urban sketching, watercolors, sculpting and you are in a design school. Continue to explore these art fields in parallel with design sketching. All techniques are related anyway!

Know how to sketch with simple love.
You will slowly go into a state of relaxing meditation.

I tell my students:
@Nestergen Kun you love manga, I invite you to look for bridges with product design sketching.
@Lucas, you like drawing space.
How about exploring urban sketching style or concept art.
@David, you are super good at sneakers, you do great widening your horizon in products. Import your lines!
@Mika, for your 15-day sketching challenge, you may try drawing stuff that is not industrial if you want to. (Remember the challenge is drawing from 15 different places! )…

Merging what you love and design sketching will help you become the unique designer you are. And not a replica of another one.

My advice is:
Sketch learning with tutorials to get results, progress.

But also sketch for no reason than simply enjoying it.
You will release the pressure and won’t be affected by perfectionism. S

o you keep will going even though imperfect

Have a nice sketching day !!
Chou Tac

PS: Don’t get me wrong. Ego is a great motivation factor. But there is time to tame it down and sketch with humility.

PSS: There is an extra benefit. You will naturally sketch more often and actually progress even faster.  (Butt chuutt, that does not matter here. 😛 )


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  • I am a product designer with systems engineering major. I have had the attitude of sketching right from my early year. There was a period of my life when i actually stopped sketching for like 5 years. I only picked it up in my penultimate year when I decided i wanted to go into car design. Trust me, It has been blood and sand as i noticed i have lost a lot. Only regenerating now.

    i need this as it helps me to get back on track, for product design