When we love drawing, I believe we have the DNA of a geek.
We got to learn plenty of sketching techniques, tips and tricks to be able to draw from our imagination.
Today, I have prepared a very specific tutorial on How to draw sections on Spheres and Ellipsoids.

With this, you will be able to draw fruits sliced by a sword like in FRUIT NINJA!
Or anything else you could think of!

Imagine you have a Ninja sword,
and you are going to practice cutting anything that has a sphere or ellipsoid volume!

As usual, I made it easy to learn and practice.
So you can apply it now even if you are a beginner.

How to draw section spheres ellipsoids
How to draw section spheres ellipsoids

How to Draw Sections | Sphere + Ellipsoid

I have summed up the video in 10 points below to remember and practice.
Make sure to watch the video tutorial by taking visual notes.
That will help you to remember the drawing techniques forever.

1. Master the basic movements of drawing

Before starting, it’s great to warm up your hands by practicing the basic movements.
It is a great way to improve your drawing skills, on a sketching daily basis,
Focus on drawing circles and ellipses as these are foundational to more complex forms.

Master the basic movements of drawing: circle and ellipse shapes
Master the basic movements of drawing circle and ellipse shapes

2. Go from a 2D circle to 3D sphere using ellipses

Try transitioning a 2D circle or ellipse into a 3D shape by drawing two perpendicular ellipses within the initial form. This is a crucial step in understanding volume and depth in your sketches.

Go from a 2d circle to 3d sphere using ellipses
Go from a d circle to a d sphere using ellipses

3. Draw the sections with oblique hatching

Incorporate hatching into your sketching routine to indicate surfaces.
This will indicate your section.

IMPORTANT: Avoid trying to draw a half-watermelon directly.
Imagine the whole sphere as a watermelon, then cut in half!

Draw sphere section with hatching - like fruit ninja
Draw a sphere section with hatching like fruit ninja

4. Draw contour lines to show volumes

Utilize ‘Contour lines‘ when you’re sketching objects for better comprehension of their volume.
This Design sketching technique will help you visualize the object’s dimensions accurately.

Draw contour lines on your sphere
Draw contour lines on your sphere

5. Think of sketching as “Sculpting”

Approach sketching like sculpting.
Start with complete basic 3D forms (spheres, cubes, ellipses, cones)
then gradually cut them according to the design you want to create.

We use here a subtraction approach.

Draw like sculpting by using subtraction
Draw like sculpting by using subtraction

6. Experiment with different angles of “cut”

Experiment with different angles and sizes of cuts
while sketching an object from various perspectives.

That drawing practice enhances your spatial understanding skills.

Draw different angles of section
Draw different angles of section

7. Imagine different objects you want to cut!

Imagine different products, food… within each sketch (it could be a coconut, an orange, or a bowling bowl…).
This practice aids in developing creativity and attention to detail.

Draw coconut and orange cut in half
Draw coconut and orange cut in half

8. Use simple rules of geometry

For capturing complex shapes effectively,
learn geometric construction techniques that provide structure and accuracy to your designs.

Product design sketching becomes much easier than you think.
It is all about a succession of simple techniques that create complex drawings.

Draw section on sphere
Draw section on sphere

9. Block a 30-minute session to practice

Commit yourself to at least 30 minutes of daily practice for steady progress in design sketching skills over time.

  • Turn on some Lo-Fi music.
  • Keep your phone or any distraction away.
  • Enjoy practicing drawing and experimenting like a Geek in his laboratory. 🙂
Practice drawing sections for 30 minutes
Practice drawing sections for minutes

10. Try out Sketchbook Pro software

Use tools such as Sketchbook Pro software to practice drawing on your graphic tablet.


Download the full drawing demo tutorial below.
Right-click + Save as…

How to draw section on sphere + ellipsoid - drawing demo tutorial
How to draw section on sphere + ellipsoid drawing demo tutorial

The Designer Starter Kit Book to download:

The designer starter kit horizontal book open
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