Interview “I want to draw stuff from the future.” – Michael DiTullo

designer interview michael ditullo chung chou tac

Today, I am super happy to share with you the 1st Design Sketchbook COFFEE CHAT! 🙂 I hope to interview more designers around the world to demystify the creative and design industry. This morning, we welcomed Michael DiTullo: “There is someone behind every object you see around you!” 🙂 Today I have a special designer guest that…

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A trick for artists and designers to beat the blank page

how artists designers beat the blank page

How to beat the Blank page syndrome? Copy to learn Product Design Sketching A trick to kickstart your drawing Mix your inspirations It’s raining.I stay home and I’m in the mood to sketch something. But what could I sketch…?It feels like having no inspiration for drawing. I’m facing a blank page on my Wacom tablet.…

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Sketch people with loose lines (iPad Pro)

how to draw people with loose lines - chung chou tac

Hello sketcher! I show you the time-lapse of today’s sketching session at a cafe called Phuc Long in Ho Chi Minh City. I took a cup of Milk Tea with ice and sit outside to sketch with my Ipad Pro and Pencil. I put the earphone with music I love in my ears, and I…

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How to be in the top 10% student (School of Art and Design)

how to be best design student

TIP 1 Build your Growth mindset TIP 2 Master the Basics of sketching early TIP 3 Build a remarkable Portfolio TIP 4 Create new projects with love You aim for an interior, architecture, fashion, transport, or product design school… Great! But when you sign one of these schools of art and design, you know you…

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Don’t draw for LIKES on Instagram

Instagram is an amazing tool to publish your work online and get feedback, but especially likes and followers. You gain exposure, you gain popularity. It’s to me great, but there is another side of the coin if you let yourself get hypnotized by these “virtual numbers of glory”. It may affect your long term results…

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How to Draw Products Design Easy (Starting with Simple Forms!)

Let’s see how to draw simple forms to make them into products! I’m going to show you in this video, one of the main principle of Product Design Sketching on how to create your own products from scratch. So remember to click on the bell to subscribe to the channel. So today I’m discovering with…

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What is the best drawing software now?

  There is plenty of drawings software and apps I like. But the one I use for years is Sketchbook Pro. In term of drawing, that software is a lot better than Photoshop. I enjoyed the dynamics and natural lines that Sketchbook Pro provide. It’s a very light software, so it doesn’t lagg. You can…

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How to Doodle note easily | TIP 24 – 25

It takes about 4 hours to go to Annecy from Paris by TGV (300km/hour High-speed train). The landscape displayed fast behind the windows. It’s beautiful, but it’s actually quite redundant. Getting bored, I took out my sketchbook and doodled a bit. TIP 24 Never get bored. Doodle anything, anytime, anywhere Taking a train, waiting for…

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