The furniture I get at Ikea to install the Wacom Cintiq 22HD

I am the happy owner of a Cintiq 22HD Touch for 10 days already. I faced some problem that some of you may face as well. I share with you how I fixed them getting suitable furniture at Ikea.

I started with a bit of difficulties to draw on the tablet. Why? It was not because of the tablet, the pen or myself. It was because of the height of my desk. It was just too high. A desk is by default made for writing on a 0.3mm thickness paper, not a such a big tablet. The new height I faced forces me to “unnaturally” elevate my elbows to draw on the Cintiq. It bothered me quite a lot. Some of you may know how picky I am about having a good drawing posture. I needed to solve this issue.

Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch
Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch

I am actually living at few steps from an Ikea. I went there to check what I could do to be able to practice the Cintiq in best condition.

Below is the list of items I get. The price on the pictures are in US Dollars. I will add the Singapore dollars as well as I live here.


1. The GALANT desk

Notice the legs. The height is adjustable from a kid to an adult height. It was exactly what I need. For the size of the desk table top itself, bigger is better. You will add  your laptop or your computer as well to use as a double screen. The legs propose few number of heights, I selected the number20.

Singapore: 160SGD

ikea table adjustable for Wacom

Adjustable legs that I set up at 20

2. The Projs desk pad

The Cintiq 22HD already have some anti slippery pad. They are well made. However, when I turned the screen, it still didn’t grip enough the table. With this desk pad, the problem is solved!

Singapore: 7,90SGD

The Cintiq slip a bit on the desk while rotating the screen.

The Cintiq rubber pad won’t slip on the Ikea mat. (It does on the Ikea table)

3. The Lillhojden chair

Get a comfy chair. You will draw for multiple hours – or add some cushions. Singapore: 139SGD

The wheel are optional. It’s just a personal preference as I kept the previous desk for drawing. I move from a desk to another sitting on the same chair.
Wheels are convenient if you use 2 desks (1 for digital, 1 for traditional drawing)

Choose a chair that you can easily adjust the height. The idea is to customize the table and the chair to your own body posture. It’s also convenient to adjust the height in a second if you need to switch often from a desk to an other.

Adjustable chair

4. The FIXA tool box

You will need a cruciform screwdriver to assemble the table. If like me you don’t have any, notice that Ikea doesn’t sell any separately, but a full set of tools. To me, it is a kind of waste as I do not need 80 % of it, and I will use it once only. If you don’t have the tool neither, I would recommend you to ask one from a friend.

Singapore: 15SGD

TOTAL = 173.96 US$

TOTAL = 321.90SGD

From that day, I enjoy much more the Cintiq. It really become a pleasure using it since the frustration is gone. The solution was simple and relatively cheap. If you plan to get a Cintiq, you may need to consider these side cost.

Leave a comment and share your experience when you got your own Cintiq.

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