Want to learn faster? Make it personal | Sketch from Leo | TIP 168

TIP 168 Want to learn sketching faster- Make it personal. The design sketchbook - Product and industrial design sketching tutorial - Leonardo Penaranda

Leonardo studied Industrial design, and he’s today a 3D artist for video games. He enrolled my course Sketch like the Pros as a VIP student. Leonardo sent me his work about cubes – it is pretty unique. More than following the course step-by-step, he spice up his drawing session: by drawing cubes following a path. His training became an artwork! Leo’s…

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Before / After 3 months of [Sketch like the Pros] | Lucas Hippolyte, 15 yo | Big progression


May I share with you few pictures of the youngest student at my program I give: [Sketch like the Pros]. As I am going to reopening the registration soon, I thought it would be good to show you a real example that anybody can sketch. If you want to make progress, you CAN’T just keep practicing everyday.…

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Q: How do I know if a design school is good?


LASALLE – SINGAPORE First off, I’d recommend that you visit multiple schools and make sure you learn their general philosophy and approach to design. If their philosophy doesn’t jive with yours, cross the school off your list. Visit the next one. Try to avoid naïveté: double check your information about a school with multiple students…

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