How to draw a cube with 1-point perspective | TIP 154 | VIDEO

TIP 154 How to draw a cube with 1-point perspective - the design sketchbook - Product and industrial design sketching

Pretty often beginners feel overwhelmed in front of perspective. There is so many lines going here and there that we even don’t know how to start. So I made this video to show you stroke-by-stroke how to set the perspective scene and draw a cube inside. In this video, you will realise it’s actually pretty…

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Do not skip your perspective lines |TIP63


Last month I was in Penang, Malaysia. I took my sketchbook and sketched outside what I saw. This week I decide to try reaching the next level. Instead of reproducing the reality, I want to be able to create my own environment. I start to gather some inspiration digging pictures from my different trips. Above,…

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