Get a nice Urban sketching spot at the right time |TIP55


It was 2pm. I was looking for a nice spot to sketch. So I decided to go to the Jetty for the awesome view of the sea. However I underestimated the sun of Penang. I was walking toward the famous jetty under 30°C. The sun was above my head and there was no place to…

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No rubber to learn faster |TIP43


  Learning how to draw seams to be already quite tough. Then we should learn without erasing and correcting ? Why ?As a beginner, you start learning with basic shapes. And these shapes such as a simple straight line and a circle are the best way to train your sketching ability. It calibrates your brain…

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How to get your sketches convince your audience


A designer needs to be good at visual communication in order to defend his ideas and convince his audience.  Best presentation boards are the one which doesn’t needs the presence of anyone to give explanation. We want to be efficient, attracting and giving a path to people’s eyes on your presentation boards.* The technique that…

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How to draw straight lines (without ruler)


The straight line WITHOUT RULER It may seem easy to some people, and downright difficult to others. Nevertheless, try not to ignore its importance, because the straight line will be one of the basic skills that you must absolutely master. After this tutorial, at very least you’ll be a pro at Dot-to-dot! Monkeying around –…

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4 Simple steps From sketching to Photoshop rendering


A NIKE Tennis ware fashion illustration. Below is a quick tutorial of a Nike Tennis ware fashion illustration from sketching to Photoshop rendering in just 4 steps. All was done with a graphic tablet.   From left to right: – 0 Final result – 1 Body movement – 2 Body structure – 3 Clothing and…

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How to draw lively lines ?


The properties of lines are the keystone of a designer’s style. For example, you can find certain types of lines that are more likely to be associated with architecture, product design, or fashion.  This is, however, merely a generalization, because part the magic of art and design is the mixture of infinite and contrasting styles.…

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Are you drawing with a correct body posture ?


Just like playing sports or the piano, when you’re drawing it’s essential to pay attention to the position of the body, especially the hands and fingers. Most people don’t realize it, but good posture allows you to draw faster, more precisely, and for longer periods of time. You can always draw with bad posture, and…

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