Get ready for an earphone Doodle-storm! |TIP108


We all know about Brainstorming. I was thinking about making a “Doodle-Storm”. Try, and send me yours ! It’s a real pleasure to get absorbed by the “Doodle-Storm” session – Drawing some free form of an Earphone. I didn’t give myself a time limit (I had the whole night in front of me). However, my…

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The Wacom tablet I get cheaper than a Cintiq


For a student, buying the Wacom Cintiq is most of the time a dream. It’s so expensive. Let me tell you more about the alternative Wacom product I used to have. However, note that it seams to be tricky to find a retailer if you don’t live in Japan. The Wacom tablet I get cheaper…

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First day with a Wacom Cintiq 22 HD Touch


This article is not a review trying to give a mark to the product. It’s just a share about my first impression and real experience. You will see the plus and minus I met as a Cintiq new user. 22HD or 24HD ? Two different format. XL or XXL ? The Cintiq 22HD is the…

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