How to draw faster with your Wacom Cintiq 13HD

TIP 157 HGow to draw faster with the Wacom Cintiq graphic tablet - The design sketchbook - product and industrial design sketching tutorial blog

Last week I bought some felt pad to stick under a table so it wouldn’t scratch the floor. I realized then that the heavy table actually slide easily on the ground. So we wouldn’t even need any wheel. Later on, I started to sketch on my Cintiq 13 HD and kept frustrated with the adherence…

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How to choose: Markers or Wacom tablet ? |TIP142


Daniel has just started Design sketching. Yesterday, he let me a public comment asking me a question that you may wonder as well: Q: I bought a Wacom tablet. Should I still practice with pen and marker by hand ? Hello Daniel, About the markers,if your school aims to teach you how to use them,…

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How to start digital sketching ? (Material and software)

Digital tools

When I was student (2003-2009), my classmates and I didn’t have any Graphic tablet at school to practice on. The first tablet I put my hands on was an humble Graphire* from Wacom I bought from the IT store.  I was so happy to make my first steps on digital that I doubled my walking…

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The Wacom tablet I get cheaper than a Cintiq


For a student, buying the Wacom Cintiq is most of the time a dream. It’s so expensive. Let me tell you more about the alternative Wacom product I used to have. However, note that it seams to be tricky to find a retailer if you don’t live in Japan. The Wacom tablet I get cheaper…

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