How to Draw with Proper Standing Posture

How to draw with proper standing posture

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE 5/30 You love going out drawing urban sketching, statues in a museum, people in the street, do product observation in shops… But you struggle to draw on the go? To solve this, I found a great accessory to make drawing outside fun and comfortable. So you can draw anything you see standing…

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How to become an Industrial Designer | in 7 questions

Hello, It’s Chou-Tac, I’m very happy to have this conversation with you about Industrial Design. I received a series of 7 questions from Jimmy Huynh who has also a YouTube channel about Industrial Design. And he also has shared these questions with other YouTube channel designers. Alright, so let’s start. So with the 1st question!…

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How to Draw a Cube | Fast and Easy (from Imagination)

HOW TO DRAW A CUBE (WITH THE XYZ AXIS) Transcript: Let’s draw cubes with the xyz axis! x y z axis helps you visualize in 3 dimensions. You will draw cubes from any viewpoints and from any directions and we are going to get this x y z axis to help you to better visualize.…

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