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Is it competitive to become a Designer?

“Is it competitive to become a Designer” is a legit question. But… It also means:  “Is it risky to become a Designer?” Alright! I will answer this. First,  I want you to reverse this question to trigger something important. Ask yourself this: “Is it risky to miss your chance to become a designer and trade…

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Do you have this character trait to succeed (Design career)?

No matter how good you are in drawing by today, a more important character trait you need for your design career is Courage. When you’ll become a professional designer, you will fight daily for your ideas (with your team). A designer faces the superhero journey daily as a leader, creative and problem solver. Today, if…

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So, you (really) want to Become a Designer? | It’s possible.

Have you ever heard about this? “You can’t have a career in Art. It’s a hobby.” This belief needs to be strongly demystified. It’s one of my mission with the Design Sketchbook blog. : ) Today, I still see plenty of people follow the “Corporate path” instead of listening to their “Creative calling”. I receive…

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How to be in the top 10% student (School of Art and Design)

You aim for an interior, architecture, fashion, transport, or product design school… Great! But When you sign one of these schools of art and design, you know you will sleep less… and you will face plenty of obstacles on the way to graduation. Let me show you how I survived my design school and target…

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Interview with a Toy Designer | Dwayne Vance (Hot Wheels) | Designer Coffee Chat #2

I had the great honor to chat with Dwayne Vance! Together we share about what it takes to become a designer. I am a super fan of Dwayne’s work, especially because of a sentimental attachment for the products he created at Hot Wheels! To know more about Dwayne, here are the links to his work.…

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Anyone with GOOD LOGIC can learn how to sketch. See why.

Hello from Osaka ! I am travelling with my good friend Eliane and her big family in Japan. We are a group of 10 people travelling all over Japan ! :). Last night, we arrived at a new apartment near Namba area, we rented for few days. After unpacking my things, I sat on the…

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The Designer Coffee Chat#1 “I want to draw stuff from the future.” – Michael DiTullo

Hey guys! Today, I am super happy to share with you the 1st Design Sketchbook COFFEE CHAT ! 🙂 I hope interviewing more designers around the world to demystify the creative and design industry. Like what Michael DiTullo told me this morning: There is someone behind every object you see around you ! 🙂 Today I have…

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