Easy reflection drawing on coffee carafe

How to Sketch an Easy Reflection Drawing | Beginner level

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE 13/30Related article: How to draw a bottle (with a digital tablet) How about you? I have friends who go shopping only when they have something specific to buy. For me, I like to go there to find plenty of design ideas for free!Today I found a Coffee Carafe to inspire me to show…

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How to draw a transparent object with light reflection in 3 steps| TIP18

Let’s study a transparent BIC ballpoint pen Cristal cap. In a previous post, we saw how to draw a reflection on flat and transparent surfaces. Now, it’s about transparent volume. The degree of difficulty is a bit higher but still achievable by beginners. STEP 1|GET THE Right Proportion Take your time tracing these curves. Undo…

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