How to draw straight lines + the Common mistakes | TIP 150 | VIDEO

TIP 150 How to draw straight lines wit no ruler - the design sketchbook - product and industrial design sketching

Today is the 1st video of a series of 6 videos illustrating the exercises from the Designer Starter Kit. If you haven’t done it yet, you can download the book. You will find there the essentials information needed such as how to hold you pen, the body posture, the ghost drawing… Oh, the book is…

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How to make your sketches more real |TIP141

Make your sketches more real - Feature

When you start learning how to sketch, you study and practice basic rules drawing line of perpective, line of geometry and simple shapes such as square, circles… and so on. We are going to see something that will change your daily habit when you draw. At the end of the video you will know how…

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