Anybody can sketch. Quick test in 4 steps.

TIP 160 Anybody can sketch. 4 steps test. The design sketchbook - Product and Industrial design sketching tutorial

I’ve just went to the money changer of Raffles place (in Singapore) to get some Thai Baht as I am flying to Bangkok tomorrow! 🙂 This afternoon, I stop for a while at a cafe Paul to sketch. I am preparing the next week course of [Sketch like the Pros]. I’ve just took a picture…

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What is the best drawing software now?


There is plenty of drawings software and apps I like. But the one I use for years is Sketchbook Pro. In term of drawing, that software is a lot better than Photoshop.I enjoyed the dynamics and natural lines that Sketchbook Pro provide. It’s a very light software, so it doesn’t lagg. You can easily find…

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How do I draw good hatching?


Remember, draw your lines in a clean way. Begin cleanly, and end cleanly. Meaning, try to keep even pressure and speed from beginning to end. Chou-Tac Chung – Hand sketch, 2008 HOw to get evenly spaced lines Count in your head steadily, like a metronome. For each beat, you draw a line. Keep a steady…

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4 Simple steps From sketching to Photoshop rendering


A NIKE Tennis ware fashion illustration. Below is a quick tutorial of a Nike Tennis ware fashion illustration from sketching to Photoshop rendering in just 4 steps. All was done with a graphic tablet.   From left to right: – 0 Final result – 1 Body movement – 2 Body structure – 3 Clothing and…

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“Bad artists copy, good artists steal.”, Salvador Dali


A few days ago I was invited to the manga convention Manga Festival, which was hosted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.* * I’m living here for two months. The convention wasn’t huge, but it attracted lots of passionate people, including cosplayers of the same excellent caliber as you’d find at Comiket in Japan or…

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Tips you should know about the ballpoint pen


I am completely a pen person. Bics, felt-tipped pens, markers, double-tipped pens, pens with nibs large and small; I have tried hundreds of different types and styles. I especially like to try out the test papers in stores. It’s a relaxing shopping venture. Like when I try on a shirt at Zara, and I’m already…

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