How to start drawing anything better in 4 steps | the Random Product technique |Tip138 | VIDEO

before after random product Feature

Today, let’s look at a 4 steps tutorial that will help you better draw any Product design in 3D. It’s a perfect training for whom face the Malediction of the Blank page, where you may face these challenges: No inspiration, no ideas Even if you have ideas, you can’t visualize them on paper. So you…

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7 steps to make dynamic sketches |Tip134 |VIDEO


Today I would like to share with you the method that is the most precious to me. Some people may say I should keep it SECRET– and keep it as my own style. But to me, this might change and greatly improve the way you sketch, as how it did for me when I was…

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Sketch faster and better with he Contour lines |TIP 103 |VIDEO


In design sketching, it’s essential to know how to represent ideas fast, especially during the preliminary phase of research of a project. We are not yet looking for “sexy drawings”. We want to allocate more time at thinking, and multiply the number of sketches. Less time we spend for one sketch, more sketches we’ll be…

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Train your 3D vision seeing anything in transparency |TIP50


This is an essential skill that a designer need to train. If you want to be able to draw things fast and create from your own imagination, think in 3D. Decompose what you see in basic shapes and volumes such as circle, ellipse, sphere, cube, cylinder, cone. Assemble them, then go into the details. TIP#50…

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Draw anything from any angle |TIP34


I found some drawing in my luggage from when I was watching RIO2 in the plane. I was looking for paper, so I started to draw on the first paper available, the Air Sickness Bag. I personally like animation. I believe that it helps me to give motion to my drawing lines, but also having…

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