“We have to get out of the comfort zone” Interview with an Industrial design student – Nicolas Gomes (France)


Nicolas is a French student in Industrial Design who has recently achieved with success an Internship at Salomon. Nicolas’s experience has a lot of positive insight so I though you may be curious to know more about him as much as I am ! 🙂 0/ Presentation Tell us about you ? My name is…

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“When I begin something, I am tenacious” Interview with Diaset, Diamond setter (Cartier, Chanel…)


I believe meeting people enrich ourselves from their experiences. I will interview designers and other great people from the creative industry and share with you guys. I am pleased today to interview Diaset. A Diamond setter who has 15 years of experience in Fine Jewellery. You can find his exclusive work at Cartier, Chanel, Boucheron,…

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Sketching value and digital tools w/ Martijn van de Wiel and his classroom |TIP117

Introduction Design Sketching Class - Martijn

Martijn Van de Wiel is an Industrial Design teacher at Eindhoven University of Technology – I was pleased to be invited as a guest to converse with him and his sketching class. We did a Skype call Singapore – Netherland and had a great time sharing some points about Product Design and Photoshop. This course…

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10 steps to Be irresistible at your Design interview


Anything can happen! The interview itself could be short, or could stretch on for upwards of three hours. It could involve an office and call for professional formal attire, or it could take place casually on a café terrace. You could be invited to take a plane to another country for a day for just…

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