Watercolours: Use blank surface at your advantage |TIP66


It was about 4 am, I couldn’t sleep and I bumped on Chanqueen watercolour arts.  I was enjoying looking at her sketches that bring some colourful lights in my head. Her artworks shows different scene of Hong Kong. I really like the way she mix colours and subtly leave blank areas. Chanqueen I am getting…

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The urban sketchers

Capture d’écran 2014-11-17 à 4.04.31 am

I would like to share with you about THE URBAN SKETCHERS. I heard about them for the first time during my last trip in Penang in Malaysia. I unfortunately didn’t participate but now I know how. I was sketching a temple alone at the terrace of a Art cafe. CHOU-TAC CHUNG – Yap Kongsi Temple…

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