How to draw cast shadow on sphere step by step

How to Draw a Sphere | Easy Shadow

There are plenty of complex explanations of “How to shade a sphere” on the Internet. And they are overwhelming! This following 6 steps shadow drawing tutorial is made easy:I made it simple for Industrial design beginners to start gaining confidence in sketching with “How to draw a sphere with easy shadow”. I believe in learning…

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Cast shadow | Diverging source light from projectors |Tip112

We saw at the TIP 109 How to draw Cast Shadow using PARALLEL source light (such as the sun). Today let’s see more about DIVERGING source light (such as 1 or multiple projectors). You are free to use any of these 2 techniques. To illustrate both techniques, let’s consider the volumes in the videos to…

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Cast Shadow | Parallel source of light from the Sun |TIP109

To make your sketch pop out from the background, it’s essential to add a Cast shadow. The “cast shadow” projects the shadow of an object on a surface (basically the ground surface). I basically use 2 methods at drawing the cast shadow: the Parallel source of light the Diverging source of light Let’s see today…

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