How to draw line weight - Industrial design sketching

How to Draw with Line-Weight

It’s 10 am, I’m in a cafe called: Cafe Ngot. I sketch while drinking a Vietnamese called “Cafe sua da” (Ice coffee with sugar milk). It’s delicious. Sometimes, drawing in a cafe helps me to concentrate better for longer hours. Does it make the same effect for you? The cafe plays some loud music, people…

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How to draw a bike pedal with digital tablet

How to draw like a Concept artist | INSPIRED BY BIKE TECH

I’ve always been fascinated by bikes tech from Shimano since my childhood. You know this bike handle or brakes where you see their white logo. My friend in Singapore started to ride a bike for Food Panda delivery. He has sent to me pretty pictures of his new bike. That’s how I got the idea…

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How to sketch better and faster your Product Design (with the Y-axis)

How to get better at sketching (Drawing with Concept App) Transcript: Hey guys, Welcome to DRAWING THE JOBY TRIPOD on iPAD And today we get inspired by this JOBY Tripod, for our tutorial of the day: how to draw with the Y-axis. I’m going to draw on my iPad and I’m opening the app…

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24 Drawing Tips to raise your Product Design skills

Today, I would like to share with you how you can start drawing from a reference picture to create your own product design! I started to search on Google pictures about tools and found out an interesting cordless grinder. I like its mechanical features. I share with you a series of 24 sketching tips to…

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Being a designer means spending your entire life learning from the things around you. Observe, analyze, and imagine as often as you can in order to better understand your environment. And above all, put your ideas down as sketches. Whether in snow, wind, or the middle of a storm, I draw anywhere: at my home,…

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