Being a designer means spending your entire life learning from the things around you. Observe, analyze, and imagine as often as you can in order to better understand your environment. And above all, put your ideas down as sketches.

Whether in snow, wind, or the middle of a storm, I draw anywhere: at my home, in a park, on a paper cup at Starbucks…. In the spirit of this sort of practice, I’m going to make a post each day with one sketch and one drawing tip.

It’s a project I’m calling THE: “365 KEEP SKETCHING CHALLENGE !”

Inspiration is everywhere, yet it’s not always easy to channel, is it? Argh, the dreaded artist’s block! I’ve given myself this challenge to improve both my observational abilities and my sketching skills. To do this, I’ll stimulate my creativity, and draw and post one or more new sketches each day for the year.

For this project I’ll not hesitate to explore styles and techniques I’m currently not familiar with, like story-boarding, architectural drawing, and concept art. Then I’ll certainly try to mix everything new I learn. I’m excited to see how my style and skills will evolve!

EVOLVING together

I hope that this blog will be a source of visual and theoretical inspiration for everyone who’s following it. With the upcoming sketches, I’ll also unveil corresponding artistic tips and hints!

These sketches will certainly not be the prettiest, but they’re a superb way to explore and study. Let’s not forget that’s the primary goal of a designer’s sketchbook.


share it to your family, colleagues and friends who love art and design!

Let me know what you think along the way!


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