Start a sketch with general shapes, then refine |TIP58


Today a quick tutorial on how to make a head. TIP 58 Start a sketch with general shapes, then refine. Start by a circle and a symmetry axis to roughly visualise the head. Draw roughly the chin to give a general preview. Place the different elements of the face without detailing much. Some of you…

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No rubber to learn faster |TIP43


  Learning how to draw seams to be already quite tough. Then we should learn without erasing and correcting ? Why ?As a beginner, you start learning with basic shapes. And these shapes such as a simple straight line and a circle are the best way to train your sketching ability. It calibrates your brain…

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How to get your sketches convince your audience


A designer needs to be good at visual communication in order to defend his ideas and convince his audience.  Best presentation boards are the one which doesn’t needs the presence of anyone to give explanation. We want to be efficient, attracting and giving a path to people’s eyes on your presentation boards.* The technique that…

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25cm straight lines without ruler


Before beginning this tutorial, I suggest you to refer to “Be a pro at dot-to-dot mastering straight lines” HOW DO I DO 25 CM STRAIGHT LINES Turn the paper 45 to 60 degrees. Adjust it to your convenience. Before drawing the line, simulate the gesture just above the paper*. Draw using the movement of your…

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How to draw straight lines (without ruler)


The straight line WITHOUT RULER It may seem easy to some people, and downright difficult to others. Nevertheless, try not to ignore its importance, because the straight line will be one of the basic skills that you must absolutely master. After this tutorial, at very least you’ll be a pro at Dot-to-dot! Monkeying around –…

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