Today a quick tutorial on how to make a head.

TIP 58 Start a sketch with general shapes, then refine.

Start by a circle and a symmetry axis to roughly visualise the head.

Draw roughly the chin to give a general preview.

Place the different elements of the face without detailing much. Some of you told me it was difficult to make symmetrical eyes. Note that human face is actually not 100% identical on both sides. However to get a closer result. Draw both eyes without much details at start. It will give you more chance to adjust them.

I add a bit of details for the eyes and I add the eyebrows

The neck and some shadows.

I add some imaginary lines to better visualize the volume of the face. The way I do gives a certain abstract feel to it trying to give some dynamism.

The hair. It is common to lack of inspiration for the hairstyle. Open a magazine and flip it :).

I start to refine adding some reflection in the eyes, and details.

The eyes iris get filled of black. And I refine the chin curves.

Preparing a quick background.

That’s all for today !

See you guys, and feel free to leave a comment !

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