TIP 57 Make your object levitate adding a distant shadow on the ground

A 6 minutes video to see my sneaker drawing process. I love making my objects levitating. It adds some lightness to them. Somehow you may feel that you could grab it in your hand.

Enjoy the real sound of my friends DJ from Saigon:
The Cheezy Gangztaz.

CHOU-TAC CHUNGADIDAS SNEAKER CRAMPONS ( I twisted the original blue color on Photoshop)

I learned this simple and so cool trick from an inspirational guy.
A bit of a story. When I was a student, I was browsing websites of Sneaker designers. One pops out from the rest.

It is Arsenrock, a french designer from Marseille (South of France). His rendering is so innovative and realistic!

Having heroes that you want to reach their level is a great motivation to progress.  I studied hard to improve my skills experimenting with a lot of things. I build up my own techniques and I started to get quite a few designs. I made a compilation to add to my portfolio.

Arsen Rock The Cosmic Original sneaker design
Arsen Rock The Cosmic Original

Later on, I had an internship interview with the CEO of  Airness, a french sports brand that was looking for designers. A few days later, they welcomed me as an intern to design sneakers! It was an amazing feeling. My effort was getting results. Then, on the first day of work, I was actually introduced to Arsenrock.

The hero I only knew from the Internet would become my superior. It means my mentor! I felt so lucky!  It was like winning at the lottery. Ahah!

Arsen Rock sneaker designer the original cosmic denim with Ulrich AK
Arsen Rock sneaker designer with Ulrich AK

From that day we are friends and both carry on our path of learning. Being a designer is a lifetime learning process. Arsen Rock is a fascinating person. Hey, how about I ask him for an interview to share his experience with you guys. 🙂

See you guys at the next TIP OF THE DAY!


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