Sketch big to improve faster |TIP56


Bigger are our drawings, bigger our mistakes appear! I know how we feel at start. We are not used at drawing big, and we are not confident at doing it. So we get naturally scared. We feel that a small sketch got better chance to looks good. But if you want to improve, you will…

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No rubber to learn faster |TIP43


  Learning how to draw seams to be already quite tough. Then we should learn without erasing and correcting ? Why ?As a beginner, you start learning with basic shapes. And these shapes such as a simple straight line and a circle are the best way to train your sketching ability. It calibrates your brain…

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To improve fast, get inspired from others |TIP41


  Thanks Adrien W. for telling me about Darren Quach. He’s an amazing concept artist. I found his Instagram account: dqsketches and his work really inspired me. I remember at school, with some classmates we already used to start drawing some robots. There is quite a while I didn’t do any and felt rusty. So,…

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