The bigger is our drawings, the bigger our mistakes appear!

I know how we feel at the start.

We are not used to drawing big, and we are not confident at doing it. So we get naturally scared. We feel that a small sketch got a better chance to looks good.

But if you want to improve, you will need to face your own mistakes.
There is no harm at drawing small.

But do not get too comfortable.
It is really common to be trapped in that situation for months or years.

We feel we can draw quite well, as it looks good.
But actually, we slow down a lot of our overall progression.

The previous video of sneakers I have posted online has been sketched in a pocket notebook. But something you need to know is that at start you have to train at drawing big.

TIP 56 Improve by daring sketching big

Expand your arm and hand movement to realize great lines.

Train your line expression toward dynamism and fluidity.
You will get soon control of your gesture and get more precision.

Remember, you don’t have to draw fast.
The secret is about keeping a constant speed. Ok?

Do not worry about “spoiling” a lot of paper.

I recommend using some A3 (double size of the standard A4) paper and drawing on both sides.

When you get bored, just catch an old newspaper, and sketch above the content. It will cost nothing.

If like me you start being hesitant at drawing big, try for 1 day.
Then tell me to know how you feel after in the comments!

This article completes the one about How to draw Lively lines.


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