Let me share with you guys a book I bought a couple of years ago.
It’s about Manufacturing for product designers.

MAKING IT, from Chris Lefteri.

Chris Lefteri made this book to be approachable for students who want to get a solid base without going too deep. I actually read this because I felt it was fun! It arouses your curiosity and makes it an easy subject to share and talk to non-initiate people without “appearing boring”. You don’t have to read every single page. You flip it and stop at the pages that interest you the most.

You can for example discover that any plastic bottle got the same shape at the beginning of its production.
The “small collar” is made for the bottle to slide along the rails of the production lines.

It also covers Apple products with the famous mini iPod that you can clip. You will see how a such well-known company for its design actually uses a simple method for production.
Apple is really talented at merging quality, and beauty with simplicity.
(Except for the latest bendable iPhone. The first time a friend told me about that, I thought it was a feature…I guess a lot of people miss Steve Jobs)

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