Anybody can sketch. Quick test in 4 steps.

TIP 160 Anybody can sketch. 4 steps test. The design sketchbook - Product and Industrial design sketching tutorial

I’ve just went to the money changer of Raffles place (in Singapore) to get some Thai Baht as I am flying to Bangkok tomorrow! 🙂 This afternoon, I stop for a while at a cafe Paul to sketch. I am preparing the next week course of [Sketch like the Pros]. I’ve just took a picture…

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Roll of paper challenge: 7 days to fill the roll of sketches | Concept art |TIP90


To improve we need to regularly get out of our comfort zone. It’s something that we don’t do naturally. Relax, in sketching we can only improve. Even a little, it’s still a step forward. So keep in my mind your goal, and keep going. A friend of mine, passionate of concept art recommended me to…

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Study mechanical pieces for credible Concept art engines |TIP88


I would like to create more “credible” concept art engines. For that, I need to study mechanical pieces having a basic understanding of the functions. That will be my “raw” material. To increase my creativity while I sketch Concept art engine, I feed my memory of forms. It’s good sometime to select my own inspiration…

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Keep sketching to keep memories and improvements! |TIP53


I was sketching some buildings of Penang, A family stopped by and congratulate me on that drawing. It is always touching. Then a local men whose name is Joo, sat beside me. He asked me for how many years do I draw such illustrations. I told him that I actually seldom do that. These last…

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Look at people you draw, don’t be shy |TIP52


HAPPY DIPAVALI ! Today is the day of light in India. I am now in Penang, Malaysia where the Indian community is quite huge here. Despite of the rain we expect great festivities and an awesome fireworks side the sea tonight. 🙂 TIP#52 LOOK AT PEOPLE YOU DRAW. DON’T BE SHY. It is something that…

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