Want to learn faster? Make it personal | Sketch from Leo | TIP 168

TIP 168 Want to learn sketching faster- Make it personal. The design sketchbook - Product and industrial design sketching tutorial - Leonardo Penaranda

Leonardo studied Industrial design, and he’s today a 3D artist for video games. He enrolled my course Sketch like the Pros as a VIP student. Leonardo sent me his work about cubes – it is pretty unique. More than following the course step-by-step, he spice up his drawing session: by drawing cubes following a path. His training became an artwork! Leo’s…

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Why being perfectionist will make you fail? |Tip125

Chung Chou-Tac The Design Sketchbook - Sneakers Quick Sketch Adidas

Today I would like to share with you an article I read from 99U, written by Elizabeth Grace Saunders, writer of The 3 secrets to effective time investment. How many of us who love Design Sketching have Perfectionism tendencies ? And don’t realise how much it affects our learning journey ? We may be our…

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[the Designer Starter Kit] design sketching Book in Spanish!


A good number of you guys come from countries speaking Spanish, such as Colombia, brazil, Spain…  and some asked me if I would consider a translation of [the Designer Starter Kit]. Resúmen Guía1 Prepárate con 5 consejos Guía2 Dominando el bolígrafo Guía3 Tener un sentido de la proporción Guía4 Ver en perspectiva the Designer Starter…

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