Manage your motivation by preventing mistakes |TIP54


  Do you know that drawing is also about motivation management? I recommend to do not go into details too early. It is tempting but you need to resist. Work first on the main settings and make sure they are good enough to carry on. I rather do a major mistake of proportion at early…

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Keep sketching to keep memories and improvements! |TIP53


I was sketching some buildings of Penang, A family stopped by and congratulate me on that drawing. It is always touching. Then a local men whose name is Joo, sat beside me. He asked me for how many years do I draw such illustrations. I told him that I actually seldom do that. These last…

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Look at people you draw, don’t be shy |TIP52


HAPPY DIPAVALI ! Today is the day of light in India. I am now in Penang, Malaysia where the Indian community is quite huge here. Despite of the rain we expect great festivities and an awesome fireworks side the sea tonight. 🙂 TIP#52 LOOK AT PEOPLE YOU DRAW. DON’T BE SHY. It is something that…

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Never get bored for 1$ |TIP51


I started to take a bad habit. Looking ay my phone or Ipad when I get bored. And it happens multiple time in a day. Beside that, I am also part of people who think that kids today shouldn’t play at Angry bird, but instead playing marbles or hide and seek. I have a nostalgia…

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Being a designer means spending your entire life learning from the things around you. Observe, analyze, and imagine as often as you can in order to better understand your environment. And above all, put your ideas down as sketches. Whether in snow, wind, or the middle of a storm, I draw anywhere: at my home,…

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